Services not started after unattented install

Hello, I just installed Briker 2.1 Merapi using unattended install, in a Virtual Box virtual machine.

After boot, I’m unable to access the web interface through http nor https .
To start it, I had to
mkdir /var/log/nginx
/etc/init.d/nginx start
/etc/init.d/php-fpm start

The Merapi release includes ‘upstart’ to manage services.
I can contribute upstart configuration to launch automatically services at boot.
Is the source code of the distribution available somewhere ? through git ?

Best Regards,



I tested many time Briker 2.1 from , and never face problems like you said.

Have you re-install ?

Hmm. New unattended installation on Vmware has been successfull.
Maybe the issues are with VirtualBox only. I’ll re-install on VirtualBox as well and give feedback.

Any place where I should look for error log of the installation ?
Where are the installation scripts located so I may take a look at why “mkdir /var/log/nginx” might failed ?