Docker image for briker

Hello, (sorry, I don’t speak “bahasa indonesia” enough yet)

I’d like to play with briker, but as far as I saw, only an ISO file is available.
I’ve setup a small github repository to help creating a Dockerfile for briker;

If you want to have access to the repository, just let me know, so we can work together :slight_smile:

" Dimana ada kemauan, di situ ada jalan."

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Thank you very much for the effort. This is interesting and I may have a case to try this. I will ask the access soon as early October after I finish all my distractions. Are you at Indonesia too?

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Ha ! happy to hear that it will be useful to you.
I’m living in France, but my Istruku was born in Sumatra.
We have plans to come and live in Indonesia !

Github invitation sent, once you accept it, you will have write access to the briker-docker repo.
At this time, using Merapi 2.1.1 and “unattended” installation, I was still unable get anything useful through https://<briker_host_ip>

I put some notes about some things missing here: