Call does't hangsup when user cancel the call from outside

My FreePBX server is connected to the Planet VGW-400 (FXO). The FXO Box is connected with 2 PSTN line.

The problem is that when a user call in from outside through one of the PSTN line, it reach the IVR and when the user dial an extension, the extension will be ringing, the user then decided to hang up the call (the user inside havent pick up the call yet), the call still continue even after the user from outside hang up the call.

IVR Snapshot

Thanks in adance


Looks like you have problem with answer supervison or disconnection tone, read this document or search on user manual Planet VGW-400 about answer supervison or disconnection tone.

Dear Sir,

The given guide is not for Planet VGW-400-FO.
I didn’t find answer supervison or disconnection tone on my Planet VGW-400-FO.

Thanks for your reply

Read on page 59 Chapter 9 FXO Setting :

Set Current Drop for disconnect : yes

I did that one and please check snapshot for FXO configuration.

set no for option Polarity Reversal Detection, after that test.

I also changed it to Polarity Reversal Detection: NO

But still i have same issue.

please help me

any one have any solution for this issue.