Bagi yang pakai Elastix: masih ada Issabel Project

Setelah brand Elastix dibeli oleh 3CX, akhirnya ada komunitas yang kemudian forking Elastix ke project Issabel. Berikut url berita yang dibaca dalam basa spanish:

Dan berikut terjemhannya:

The Elastix community creates the ISSABEL project
This December is quite frantic, perhaps because of the importance of the theme and is that, as we announced last week, 3CX has bought the brand Elastix and the entire ecosystem (forums, lists, emails, etc.) so that The community has taken action in the matter and has created an Elastix fork which they have christened ISSABEL.
Unlike Elastix, the new ISSABEL project is not based on the system of " benevolent dictator " consisting of a single company that controls and manages the project from start to finish with the condition of being “benevolent”, but it ISSABEL born Directly from the own members of the Elastix community and keeps the door open to the rest of the community to enter the project and actively participate.
Within the community there are developers, system administrators, Linux and Asterisk experts, and companies that want a communications system with which to work, modify, distribute … so the ISSABEL project is not only maintained by users related to The philosophy of free software and free unified communications, if not also by companies that will provide business support and quality services to all those who require it. The difference with Elastix is that decisions on the “core” will not be taken unilaterally by a single entity but it will be by consensus of the general community using the usual social channels ( forums, twitter, lists, etc. ) for Agree on the decisions and direction of the project.
ISSABEL: the new Elastix
ISSABEL is based on the GPL version of the Elastix 4 project, a distribution that, as many remember, the members of the community came together to make an economic crownfunding and to give a boost to the project, among other things, to update the system Operative to CentOS 7, to update the versions of diverse free projects, reason why it is 100% legal, ethical and does not have any type of legal problem as some people and webs suggest. Any user of Elastix 4 does not have to do anything to continue receiving updates, only to change the repositories to use those of ISSABEL instead of the old Elastix systems and the system will be updated as normal.

As you can see, the only thing that changes in the interface is the name, and therefore, all the functionalities will continue working as before.

For all purposes, Elastix 4 passes called ISSABEL and any user who was already working with Elastix 4, you can continue working as normal with ISSABEL.

nah ada berita bagus, sy bru bljr voip dan msih tahap awal, masih meraba raba si Elastik, googling dpt artikel grup ini lgsg gabung mdhan dapat nambah2 ilmu :D, info nya sgt mnarik ini brrt gk prlu ke elastix 5 y terkesan komersil, untuk saat ini sy bljr elastix 4 cm sptx susah pas akses repositorynya, klo ada yg udah cob issabel mohon share reviewx…

Issabel itu dulu komunitas Elastix kok. Jadi ndak beda2 jauh sama Elastix 4. Langsung coba saja.

mas mau tanya, apakah 2 server elastix(beda segmen,fisik), bisa saling terhubung?

ini use case nya bagaimana ya ? boleh dijelaskan ?

jadi kantor a dan kantor b sama-sama punya elastix, yang saya ingin extenton di kantor a dan kantor b bisa saling terhubung.(koneksi antara kantor A dan B sudah pakai vpn)
terima kasih

sudah check ke postingan ini?

Sudah mas cuman masih gagal

gagalnya bagaimana? ada log?

apakah berpengaruh perbedaan versi elastiknya?

gak bisa untuk telpn antar extention

Maaf saya bantu jawab ya, perbedaan versi Elastix tidak menjadi masalah untuk bisa saling terhubung.

Om Dimas, sudah berhasil kah call antar extension nya?

coba otak atik bagian dial prefect di outbound route